Profile Policies, Violations, and Rules

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Basic Rules List

  • You cannot buy, sell, trade, or share your account.
  • We do not allow multiple accounts except a UID_TEMP account as explained in our "Stolen and Lost HF Accounts" help doc.
  • No adult images such as nudity.
  • You cannot link to competing sites. We consider competing sites to be anything that has topics similar to those under our Hacking tab.
  • No site goals such as "1000 Posts" or "100 Reps".
  • All text must be in English or readable as English in the case of fancy unicode.
  • You cannot impersonate staff, admins, or mentors.
  • No advertising of ddos, stress testing, or booter services in your profile.
  • No linking to shock sites.
  • Usernames must have at least 4 visible characters.
  • Profiles should not have special characters which break or alter HF layout.

I received a "Profile Violation" warning but it doesn't say anything else. What was it for?

If you did not receive a PM with your warning then I don't know. But if you read this entire Help Doc, you should be able to figure it out. Just make sure to understand our policies to avoid future warnings.

What is the maximum signature image size?

Signature images can be no wider than 650px, no taller than 200px, and no bigger than 500k.

What if my signature only has text? Is there a limit?

We don't enforce an exact size with text. Our settings are 255 characters including mycode. Do not enlarge your signature with enormous text or lots of spaces. Just be reasonable with your sig size.

Why not extend the max characters or at least discount the mycode for signatures?

This is our limit. You'll have to deal with it. We are not going to extend it or change how it works. Everyone has the same limitations on HF.

Why can't I upload an avatar?

HF has some default avatars in the gallery. Upgraded members are the only ones who can use avatar uploads. If you've received a no permission page, it's likely you're a regular member attempting to upload. Use the avatar URL which means you must have the image hosted elsewhere. Please make sure the remote avatar is within site guidelines.

What's the max avatar size for remote avatars?

Remote avatars are resized to fit on the postbit but MyBB does not check the K size of the file. However, we enforce a 75k max size. Anyone using a higher sized avatar will be warned and their avatar removed.

Can I use the same avatar or signature as a staff member?

No you may not. Impersonating staff with your username, usertitle, signature, or avatar is going to be a reason to ban you. We take this really seriously. The potential for abuse is enormous so it will not be allowed even as a joke.

What are the rules for usertitles?

Basically the same as all the other rules for a profile. Don't impersonate staff, flame members, use religious or political symbols and don't advertise a competing forum.

I have a forum or am a member of one can I advertise it in my profile?

HF has a strict rule about advertising competing sites. We consider competing sites any forum with subjects or forum categories that are similar to ones under our Hacking tab. Advertising is not allowed in profiles.

It seems outrageous you don't allow religion or politics on HF. Why is that?

HF is not the place for you to spread your faith or recruit for your cause. It was never designed for such discussion. We have an international community and we want all members to respect each other for who they are not what they believe in or represent. We wish the world was a respectful happy place but it's not. We are not going to allow strife to be part of HF.

Can I have sexy pics in my profile?

To a point you can. We do not allow nudity and if staff feels your image is too overt, it could be removed and you might receive a warning.

Someone is flaming me or calling me a scammer in their signature. What can I do?

Contact staff please. We'll look into it.

Can I have site goals in my sig?

We used to allow this but we no longer do. Goals we don't allow include reps, groups, posts, or upgrades. See rule #16 in Rules Help Doc.

Can I have referral links in my sig? Stuff like

Yes this is allowed on HF. Be aware Sharecash and some other services are censored.

Can I have donation request or link in my signature?

Yes you can have them in your signature but we have rules about threads/posts for begging. If you want a donation begging signature, go for it.

I don't see where my MSN, AIM, or email display in my profile. Can I put them in my signature?

Yes you can but we advise you do not. This site has some malicious users that might use your personal information in ways you don't expect. You can be targeted very easily by posting any private data about yourself on this site. So be careful if you do.

Can I put fake links or shock site links in my signature?

No you cannot. We won't allow deceiving links such as fake spoilers links or links disguised in order to trick members into visiting shock sites. Use some common sense please.

I was rep killed by staff. Can I complain about it in my profile?

You are not allowed to rep kill complain anywhere on your profile or even in posts. You will be banned for one month if you do.