Marketplace Violations

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Proxy Selling

Hack Forums members are not allowed to sell for other members if the person whom they are selling for does not have the permissions to post a thread in the appropriate section. Whether it be due to upgrade status, bans, or negative or no reputation, members are not allowed to proxy sell for those who cannot do so themselves.

Asking for Vouch Copies

Users are not allowed to ask for a vouch copy of any product unless the thread specifies that there are vouch copies available, and you meet their stipulations. Once the text which specifies vouch copies has been removed or changed to something which implies there are no more copies users may no longer request them. This also includes private message inquiries.

Giving out Vouch Copies

Members who wish to give out vouch copies should specify so within their thread. Include any stipulations you have within the thread, such as X copies. Once you have finished giving away all the vouch copies you wish, you should edit the thread and say something along the lines of, "Vouch Copies Given Away", so Staff members know.

Reviewing eBooks

Members are allowed to review the eBooks of members, but they cannot market themselves as being official or otherwise sponsored by the forum. You cannot use the excuse of reviewing an eBook to get a vouch copy of an eBook.

Bumping Sales Threads

Members may bump their posts, though the post needs to be of proper quality and follow all Hack Forums rules. Comments such as "Online Now" and "Ready For Sales" are not of enough quality. Also, members are not allowed to PDB. PDB is an acronym for post, bump delete. This is when a user posts on a thread to bring it to the top, then deletes his post, and then posts again to bump the thread again. Hack Forums takes this very seriously, and it will result in immediate negative repercussions, including but not limited to, a possible warning, rep kill, and closing of your thread.

Server Stress Testing Services

Members are only allowed to provide these types of services within the Server Stress Testing section. Note that there are no vouch copies or free services with regards to server stress testing services.