Marketplace Safe Trading and Scam Reports

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Rules for the Marketplace

  1. Hack Forums will not be held responsible for deals made by members.
  2. All the trades on Hack Forums should be made in the Marketplace section, regardless of content.
  3. We do not allow deals which are associated with credit card, bank, or identity fraud, nor any other type of illegal stock.
  4. The official rules of the forum still apply.

Safe Trading

While we want the safest possible environment for trades, the reality is that Hack Forums is an unsafe place to conduct business. The only help we can provide is banning proven scammers from the site, and helpful safety measure tips. We advise you to read the following Guide To Safe Trading before making any trades.

Scam Reporting

The Scam Reports section is designed to alert other members of scammers. It also can serve to help resolve an issue between members. We can't get your money back or force a member to complete a deal. Do not PM staff. Our staff on occasion will ban a scammer, if the evidence is on site and apparent. If you got scammed, we would appreciate it if you report the scammer by making a thread in the scam reports section, with the following content:

  1. Link to the scammers profile. This is to prevent confusion if a username change occurs.
  2. Link to the thread in question if it exists, where you may have been scammed.
  3. Search Scam Reports area for any existing threads with the scammer. Search by username and also uid. If everyone adds the users profile then UID will be very effective. Include such threads if found.
  4. Post any images/screenshots (or videos perhaps) that you can provide as evidence of the scam. Include short explanation for every image.