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Himura Kenshin, commonly known as Xypher, originally came to HF to "to learn how to hack databases to ruin competing private servers." Since then, his goals changed to become more focused around The Alliance and his close family of friends, including D3xus, Carbon, Paradoxum, Qwazz, Robbieava, Sold, Reece, Skill, Vorfin, Yin, Deities, Wolves, Shinkirou, Fragma, Saged, Harvey/Malware Boss and Tasemu. He has been downgraded from Ub3r to L33t several times, upon request, and is currently a L33t member.

I've only asked to be downgraded once, though I've been downgraded twice. The first time was due to complications with Paypal and the transaction for Ub3r being automatically reversed. The second time was upon request. I was bored with being Ub3r. Forum life was the same for me, people were afraid to neg rep me because I could neg rep back, etc. I wanted to see the real side of those around me. I don't regret it at all, in fact I would encourage every person that has had Ub3r for a year to do it. It spices things up and it really adds a twist to things.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Cryptography and raising the standards of education on HF, so people can learn new content instead of the same things that have been recycled over and over.