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Invisus wanted to find a hacking forum in order to learn the basics of the art. He finally signed up after browsing for quite some time. To this day, Invisus did not complete his original goal which was to become a hacker. Invsis stayed on Hack Forums for other reasons. He started holding giveaways to earn respect, but all he got was shallow positive reputation which wasn't enough. To change this, Invisus started writing quality graphics tutorials.

The member Unreputed has made the biggest impact on Invisus. He is "brutally honest and is always down to earth". Invisus finds himself inspired by this member.

Because of Hack Forums, Invisus' real-life interest in Digital Art was born.

Following the drama surrounding Unreputed's ban, Invisus voluntarily banned himself for six months.


  • Former Leader of Illuminati
  • Former Leader of Fly by Night

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Visual Art
  • Marketing
  • Gaming