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Edition #8 | Published by Yin | Released 07-05-2010

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Written by Yin


It's been a quiet week at HackForums. There has not been any "official" announcements this week! The only "headline worthy" story was AsSaSs@iN stepping down from Super Moderator! He was a great staff member. His reasons were that he served a year, and felt like he had done his job. He was not demoted. We all appreciate his work, he's a great guy. He's still going to be active as a HJT Teacher and Analyzer. Thank you so much again for your work AsSaSs@iN! We all love you!

Not much news at HackForums this week. When there isn't news, I don't really feel like I have to post anything. The news is mainly Headlines, that's the most important thing. This week, there was one, and it wasn't really a headline, but I guess you could call it that.

A reminder to all people! Check the SoTW in this forum, and participate! Winning signature of last week -


Look for the topic posted sometime on Monday.

As for Reviewers, Skill and I are still in process of it. Kicking members isn't as easy as you think. We'll get it done soon. Until then, sit tight if you want to become a Reviewer. Be prepared to answer a good application if you even want a chance in.

Last little note, the reason why it's coming on Monday (technically Monday, 3:42 AM here), is because I was busy on Saturday, and didn't have time today. I was going to do it today, but the day went fast, as today was a holiday. I went to a long fireworks show too. Next week's might not be posted until Monday, as I am going on a trip to Chicago for a week. I might have internet, I might not. I probably will have some, but I'm not going to be all day on the computer. If I can get it done by Saturday, I'll post it then. Hopefully there's some headlines then.


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