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Edition #12 | Published by Yin | Released 08-12-2010

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Written by Yin

This week, Omniscient split the Seller's Sections into two. He made one that is called "Premium Seller's Section" and one that is "Secondary Seller's Market". The Premium is only available to L33T and UB3R members. The Secondary, obviously, will contain all of the non L33T and UB3R sales. This change happened a few days ago, and many were pleased.

No other headlines this week. It was a quiet week. We did have a problem with the database for like 2 hours, in which the site was down. Quickly fixed by Omniscient, and we were back online.

User News

Written by Yin

This should be in next week's, but oh well. IFKU is staying up for 7 days straight! Yes, 7 days! He's going to update his mood and such every few hours! Check out his progress, and wish him luck here! Good luck IFKU, and don't.. die? Watch him on webcam" target="_blank" rel="ugc" class="mycode_url">here!

Another one of the "show your picture threads" has been getting a lot of attention. In 6 days, it's gotten 280 or so replies. Go show your picture, your face, your butt, whatever you gotta do.. contribute! Share with members here.

GravityZ3r0 needs your help! How can he get his ONLY friend to stop cutting herself? He needs your help here! That's kind of sad though..? He only has one friend? Sad! I'll be your best friend Gravity! Really, I will!

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Other News

By Yin Sorry this one is short and late, there wasn't really any news, so I slacked off on it. This week, I'll upload on Saturday morning. I'll work on it on Friday night.

By the way, Reviewer applications are OPEN! They have been for a bit, but some may not know..? Go apply here .

I think that's all for this week! This week I'll make an extra big edition for you all! It'll be extremely huge, don't worry! I'll be adding some "hacking segments" in which I show new tutorials, etc. Any other ideas for segments..?