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What are Groups?

There are four forms of groups on Hack Forums. Namely, there are usergroups, upgrade groups, staff, and site groups. These groups consist of multiple members and often times a leader, or several leaders. There are different ways to get into various groups, and it specifically depends on the group.

Custom Usergroups

These are usergroups which members purchased from Hack Forums. They are member owned, and have one or more leaders. These usergroups come with their own sub-forum as well as a userbar. These sub-forums have one moderator, usually the sole owner of the group. Groups such as these each have their own purpose determined by the leaders. These groups are no longer for purchase from Hack Forums, though owners may sell their own group to another. There is a $250.00 ownership transfer fee. Groups can be deleted at the discretion of the administration, and the spot that their group occupied on the forum may be sold to the highest bidder.

These groups admit members based entirely on their own accord. Some groups may post a recruitment thread in which they require users to submit some form of work, while others only invite users they hand select. These groups are not affiliated with Hack Forums, but rather reside here. Only the leaders may choose who are members of the group.

To see a full list of the custom usergroups check this For more detailed information on each group, see this thread.

There are currently three groups which members are able to donate to get into. To find out more, view this Help Document.

Site Groups

These groups are groups created by Omniscient, but led by members which service Hack Forums. Each group has their own sub-forum and userbar. These groups only accept members who are of Ub3r status. To get into these groups, you must either be invited or apply via a recruitment thread.

Here is a brief description of each group:

  • Malware Removal Team - The Malware Removal Team was an Official Group dedicated to assisting and training members with removing malware and viruses from infected computers. This team had a dedicated section where trainees, graduates, and leaders of the group could assist members in cleaning up their PCs. The group was deleted by Omniscient as a result of a conflict in interest over where he expected the group to go and the realism of the MRT project.
  • Writers - The Writers are divided up into three different sections. The group has two different teams, each in charge of doing something different.

The first part of the HF Writers is HF News Team. Each week, there is a news edition posted which details things that have gone on around Hack Forums. The publication includes trending topics on things such as technology, world news and the music industry. To see the News, go here. The second part of the HF Writers is the Wiki Team. They are in charge of creating a Wiki site to be implemented into Hack Forums. It is a living history of Hack Forums that is not yet released.

  • Reviewers - The Reviewers were an Official Group dedicated to reviewing e-Books and other products in the Marketplace. The group was closed after changes were made in the Marketplace which made the group's purpose to be redundant.

Staff and Administration Group

This group consists of two sub-groups: Staff and Admin. Both of these are invite only. For more, view this Help Document.

Mentors - This group is comprised of hand-picked members by Omniscient. They moderate various sections but are not Staff and should not act or be treated as such. They cannot see reports.

Staff - This group deals with all of the reports on Hack Forums and enforces the rules. They are members who are deemed trusted enough to moderate all of Hack Forums. Members can turn to these members for help with regards to the site.

Administrators - Administrators of Hack Forums each have their own specific role.

  • Omniscient- He runs Hack Forums. He is the sole owner of the site. He is the only one who handles upgrades, donations, and stickies. He has final word on everything here.

History of Groups

To see a history of previous groups as well as their descriptions check this thread.