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Feynman came to HF after he saw how much money his friend had made from ratting Runescape players. He only stayed for a while, but came back when he needed help for a C++ course he was taking. He eventually became active in the Science, Religion, Philosophy and Politics & Education Nation subforums. After voicing discontent with some of the content in the Education Nation subforum, he was promoted to moderator of the subforum.

Feynman cites the successes he has had within Void and with assisting other people as a major influence on his real life.

Again, I think the small things have impacted me the most. The respect and recognition that comes with helping others makes me feel great. I've also had a few people, whom I've helped extensively, PM me after a major test or exam, and send me a huge message thanking me for everything I've done. I tutor people offline as well, but helping others online, whom I know only as a few pixels on a screen, has really helped me see the benefit in what I do.


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