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Coding (also known as programming) is the process of designing and writing source code which sends a set of instructions to a computer system to perform certain operations. This is also known as software development. There are a huge variety of different programming languages; some more popular than others, however all of them have their subtle (or not-so-subtle) differences that make them unique. Main differences being their syntax--the format of the source code; their structure--the way the code is formed to achieve certain tasks and how they're run--scripting languages and compiled languages. Hack Forums has several sections devoted to a few of these languages.

Coding is a very big topic throughout Hack Forums and members with a solid understanding of programming are able to dominate the Marketplace by selling products they’ve designed and created. Below are the sections within the Coding section, along with some tutorials in each respective section.

Coding and Programming

This is the general forum for discussion of coding or programming. This forum also serves as a place for languages that don't have their own dedicated forum, like Ruby, ASP and CSS. This is a great place to talk about getting into coding as well as general coding talk.


Visual Basic and .NET Framework

Visual Basic was designed by Microsoft in 2001. Their file formats are recognized as .VB and .VBS within Microsoft Visual Studio. Visual Basic is used to code simple applications that show web pages, perform math operations and store databases, among other things. It was intended to take over the role of BASIC and make compiling code much more user friendly and simple to do. .NET is a framework released by Microsoft in 2002, with intention to make programming with Microsoft systems easier.


C# Programming Language

Also developed by Microsoft, C# is a language which utilises the .NET framework, however uses syntax similar to that of other languages in the C family. This makes progression from others languages to C# easier for coders used to the syntax. C# is an object-oriented language.

C/C++/Obj-C Programming

The C++ language is a widely-known language used in video games, complex programs, multimedia render engines and intricate databases. It can be a difficult language to learn, with many different families, commands and iterations for a coder. For this same reason, it is a diverse way to code almost anything imaginable; hence it being one of the most popular programming languages in the world. C++ is literally "C improved"--C being an older version of C++. Objective-C is the main language of Apple the basis of their operating systems: iOS and OSX.


Batch, Shell, Dos and Command Line Interpreters

Batch coding operates in a sequence; commands written with batch will execute in sequential order. Batch files are normally used within the Windows OS, and are integral to the system. They can be compiled with any text editor. Shells are usually written with batch.


Java Language, JVM, and the JRE

Java is the most used programming language in the world. Its popularity is due to its portability; Java code isn't run natively on an operating system, however through the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). A lot of mobile applications are developed in Java. Java can also be used for web development.


Android Development

The Android operating system is developed predominantly in Java, as are its third party applications. The Dalvik Virtual Machine is the tool of the trade for Android developers. Because Java is a diverse language, applications for Android have a lot more flexibility with the operating system than other smartphone applications.

PHP Development

PHP stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor". Originally developed in the '90s, it is currently the most popular web development language to date. It is the basis of many websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia and Flickr. PHP is a scripting language so it compile on run-time by the PHP interpreter written in C. PHP is a hugely versatile language allowing for scripts to be made rapidly and with ease. Its syntax is very similar to that of the C family, making PHP a great language to learn if you're just starting out in programming.

PHP can be embedded within HTML, making it ideal for creating dynamic websites. PHP files usually have the extension ".PHP".



Python is a simple language and extremely powerful to use. It is a scripting language like PHP, so it does not need to be compiled continually. Finding errors and problems with Python is easier than it is with other coding languages, due to its simplicity. The language interfaces with modules and variables, and allows for math calculations and user input. Python has a very different syntax to that of the C family. It is the base of all Google code.


Assembly Language and Programming

The Assembly language is relatively low-level and simple, used mainly for machines and factory operations for which minor coding is needed. It can be used for computer hardware as well, to execute commands or actions at certain times. Assemblers, the program used to execute the code itself, are made by many different manufacturers and no one company can claim credit for the development of Assembly.


Perl Programming

Perl is a high-level, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Its original purpose was to make report processing easier as as a general-purpose UNIX scripting language. Perl is also used for graphics programming, network and system administration due to its flexibility and power. There are interpreters for most operating systems, and is fairly easy to understand and learn. The language is very similar to PHP in its syntax and structure.



Delphi supersedes the Pascal language and is a rapid application development tool for Windows. It is usually used for the framework for other applications or as a visual window layout designer. It was designed to be a "teaching" language, not meant for efficiency or high-level coding. However, its modern purpose has shown it to be a strict high-level language.


Lua Coding

Lua is a scripting language usually utilised for video game programming as well as modding games. It has a relatively simple C API compared to other scripting languages and is usually used to create small scripts.