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Join Date: 08-24-2011

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Bullet.'s time on Hack Forums begins on August 24, 2011. As a new member, he did nothing of interest for a couple of months but simply lurked and looked for booters. With only a brief experience of booters, he thought he had struck gold when he scored himself a copy of Jay's Booter. But since that time, he has found many great things including members, and friends.

After his time with booters settled down a little, he took to learning how to hack and sharing his knowledge on game modding. He did quite well at exceeding his goals, but decided not to pursue an interest in hacking after a short while.

During his time on the site, Bullet. has formed friendships with Astonish, 630, Christy, Saturday, Soulmate, and Madness. He met most of these users shortly after joining, and states that they're all family to him.

Hack Forums has had no impact on Bullet's life offline and when asked about it he responded with:

I hear about people freaking out about the database for L33T's and Ub3rs being leaked but to be honest it's not that big of a deal. Don't stress it, what? They'll send you a few pizzas, maybe swat you if they know what they're doing. But that's really it, doesn't scare me.


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