April Fools 2010

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2010 was the second year of the annual Hack Forums April Fool’s events, in which Omniscient plays a prank on the forum. The first year it involved Omniscient changing all members’ signatures.


The event began with Omniscient changing each user’s signature to the ‘Mark of ZZoS’- an image with the text “We have your email and HF password. This is ZZoS”. When the signature was clicked, the user was taken to a Hack Forums page with a contact form. When a member tried to contact Omniscient about it, the PM prefix was set to “Happy April Fools”. It is also confirmed that only the user could see their changed signature, while everyone else’s appeared normal. The user ZZoS was not exempt from this prank


This prank initially caused a lot of confusion on the forum, where members had no idea how their signature was changed. As the entire forum was uninformed, many of them tried to PM Omniscient or change their signature at the same time. This resulted in an impromptu DDoS attack on the forum, which ended up taking it offline for some time.

Record of the event