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On the 18th of September 2011, Omniscient posted the last Banned Member Amnesty thread, so far, in celebration of his birthday. This event allowed members who had been banned to have a chance to come back to Hack Forums and re-align themselves in the community.


Omniscient (as a celebration for his birthday) let some members who had been banned for reason which did not hurt the community back into the forums. The members who were allowed back to the forum were generally banned for more annoyance than rule-breaking, such as trolling, multiple accounts (if one wasn’t a scammer or had an account closed)

This trend had continued for several years, being started in 2009, however Omniscient claims that it has happened on other forums he had managed.

I have done this numerous times on many of my forums.

The list had well over 150 members...most of which were just one time spammers. And you want to know what actually sparked the amnesty?

This post from teh-death-cap:

I was already considering the amnesty a couple weeks ago and just seemed like a good day to do it.

The event is similar to the other Omniscient-inspired holiday Goodwill Monday

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