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Image and Banner Advertising

There are several options to buy ad space on Hack Forums. Here is a list of the options, as well as their pricing and sizes:

  • 300x100 Header/Top Fold (2 positions available) $40 per day or $200 for a week
  • 468x60 After First Post in Showthread $25 per day
  • 728x90 Footer $20 per day
  • 88x31 Footer $25 per month

There is a minimum purchase of $100.00 USD for any and all advertising positions. All ad space graphics must be served by Hack Forums to avoid any problems. Also, upgraded members, specifically members who are L33T & UB3R, do not receive any served ads, though they only account for ~2% of daily visitors. To inquire further, please send Omniscient a private message. Alternatively you can send in a Contact Form request with the subject of Advertising.


To those wishing to know some recent statistical information on HF visitors, you can view a couple pages from our Google Analytics here:

Hack Forums sells paid stickies for limited time blocks. A sticky is a thread which will remain in the Important Threads section of the forum in which it was stuck. It will remain there and never sink back in pages, allowing the content to get the most attention possible. This can be very effective for getting a message out to members, promoting a site or forum, or as an investment for a business based on Hack Forums. Many members who purchase paid stickies purchase them again. Many products continuously buy stickies when available.

There are certain limits regarding stickies. Members may only have one paid sticky at any given time, regardless of the topic of the thread. Members may not have other users cross post for them under any circumstance, with the exception of Sponsored Marketplace Forums stickies. Members caught doing this will have their accounts banned and the threads junked. Also, there is a limit of 6 stickies per section.

Threads are given out when a space opens up. Members cannot request one early or pre-order them. It is a first come first serve basis. Also, the first member to send Omniscient a private message may not be the person to get the sticky. Often times he will receive multiple requests as soon as a sticky expires. The paid sticky spot will be given to the first message he reads, not the first sent. Due to this, people who use scripts to automate the process are effectively ensuring they will not get the spot.

Realize that stickies in certain sections are under very high demand, and notably the Premium Sellers Section and Sever Stress Testing sections are usually completely full at all times; however, we do allow for paid stickies to be placed elsewhere.

Members who have current paid stickies and wish to continue this service must private message Omniscient as if they were just purchasing the sticky. Members are not entitled to continued service, and they will be denied if the section is already sold out or for various other reasons. Members are free to apply again when a space opens up.

Sales Tags are highlight images for Marketplace style threads. Current price is $20 in BTC, ETH, XMR, LTC, or BCH. You can only purchase for your own thread. Sales Tags are removed after 30 days.

Some subforums such as [Rules, Announcements, News and Feedback|Rules, Announcements, News and Feedback]], Marketplace Discussions, or Deal Disputes are blocked from members buying paid stickies. Prices are subject to change at any time without warning.

To inquire about purchasing a paid sticky, send a private message to Omniscient asking him the price and the amount of time you wish to have the sticky. Remember, paid stickies are sold in 1 week periods, with 4 weeks being the maximum time. For extended advertising, specify you wish to work out an extended time deal with Omniscient via private messages.

Hack Forums reserves the right to deny anyone of a paid sticky for any reason or no reason.

These are all current paid stickies.

Email Marketing, Popups, Popunders, and PM Blasts

Hack Forums does not offer these kinds of services, nor do we intend to. [Category:Flagged]]