Account Pruning

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Account Pruning refers to the act of deletion of old threads, PMs, posts and accounts in a certain set criteria. This is a necessary step in order to keep the site running as efficiently as possible and to provide the best user experience. Omniscient was once quoted that if he did not, the databases would be too large to handle.

Post pruning

In general, posts and threads are not pruned, even after a great deal of time has elapsed. However, the 'Junk' forum is occassionally pruned. This section contains all the information that violates Hack Forums policy and has been removed, and also any threads that have been junked by an Ub3r member. It is not publicly scheduled, but may be announced on the Hack Forums Twitter.

Post count changes

Users may experience a large drop in post count when the Junk forum is pruned. If you lose a larger proportion of posts than other members, that may reflect the quality of your posts. Its advisable not to complain about this.

Private message pruning

Private messages have a significant impact on and so are pruned regularly, based on their age. When private messages are pruned on Hack Forums, only messages created before a certain date will be removed.

  • Regular members will have all private messages older than two months pruned.
  • L33t members will have all private messages older than six months pruned.
  • Ub3r members will have all private messages older than a year pruned.

Bulk saving and deleting of private messages

Hack Forums members who want to save their private messages in anticipation of a prune may export their private messages. To do so, use this link. After saving them, we ask that members empty their inbox using this link. Please note that the emptying of your PM inbox is irreversible.

Pruning members

Any Hack Forums account which is not regularly used and any accounts that have had zero posts for longer than two months may be deleted. This helps to keep the majority of the userbase as active members.

Requesting deletion of an account

A member's account will not be deleted or edited in any way under the whim of another user, even if the account is inactive. This particularly applies if the request is for the username that this member has; the name will not be changed. If you wish to use that name, you must wait for the account to be pruned, if it is eligible.

Closing of inactive accounts

Regular members' accounts (not L33t or Ub3r) that have been inactive (i.e not logged into) for six months are subject to closure. Closed accounts will be inaccessible and will no longer function; if your account is closed, it will not be receovered. This is normally a safety measure in order to prevent misuse of the account by someone other than the owner.

Should a member wish to rejoin Hack Forums, they may do so providing their account wasn't closed for an alternative reason by a staff member. If your account has been closed due to violation of site policies, the user is not welcome to rejoin the site.