Account Profiles and Pruning

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Why do you prune data on the site?

We do this to keep our database as efficient as possible. The smaller our database the better the site runs. It's a necessary evil.

Are posts pruned after a certain time?

No they are not. The only posts that are on occasion pruned are the ones in the Junk section which are removed from member view. However this is not very often and we often have hundreds of thousands of posts in our Junk.

My post count just dramatically fell. What happened?

Most likely we just deleted a lot of threads in Junk and did a post recount. If you noticed your post count drop it's likely you're a post whore. Try to get a life and care less about your stats.

Are PMs pruned?

Yes they are. Our current policy is this:

Regular Members: PMs older than 2 months

L33t Members: PMs older than 6 months

Ub3r Members: PMs older than 1 year

Can I save my PMs before they get pruned?

We don't usually announce prunes of PMs. You can do PM exports on your own at any time via the usercp. Once you export we ask that you prune on your own to help alleviate space.

Where do I empty my PMs?

How do I export my PMs?

Do you prune members?

We do. We delete members that have not activated their accounts fairly often. We also delete 0 post members older than 2 months. So most of our member base is actually posting members.

What if I don't login for a long time?

If you're inactive your account is subject to being closed. If you've made posts the account will not be deleted. If you're not upgraded into L33t or Ub3r the account will not be recovered for any reason. Upgraded accounts can be reopened only under certain circumstances and with diligent evidence the account is yours. We expect 100% matching IPs, emails, and upgrade order information. Regular member accounts can be closed after 6 months inactivity. Inactive L33t and Ub3r are subject to closure after one year. The activity is based on account login. You are not required to post.

Why do you close accounts?

Accounts are closed to prevent old accounts being stolen or sold then used to abuse the community.

What if my account is closed from being inactive and I want to participate at HF?

If your account closure is from inactivity you can safely rejoin HF. However you should confirm with staff via the contact form that indeed your previous account was closed from inactivity. If before your closure you wer banned it's likely we've closed your account for other reasons.

Can you delete an account so I can get the username?

Hell no. Don't even ask. If it's a zero post member you can wait till the account is pruned but don't ask us to delete an individual account for you. Even if it has one post from 2 years ago and they've never returned we will not delete the account just so you can have a username.

What else do you prune?

Well we've covered PMs, posts, and members. There isn't anything else that's not MyBB standard like clearing out the search terms daily or the other things that do not affect your account.

My account is "closed". What happened?

Regular member accounts (not upgraded) that have not been logged into for 6 months or more are subject to being closed. The account will no longer function. We will not recover these accounts. We do this to protect old inactive accounts from being stolen then used inappropriately by someone else. If you wish to rejoin HF you can may do so as long as you were not intentionally banned from HF due to a violation.

Can you alter, delete, or prune my username history?

Sorry but no. We do not alter members username history. In the rare case you just accidentally entered your password instead contact Omniscient for removal but also immediately change your password and username.]