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Status: Closed
Join Date: 07-16-2011
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Haydrazs joined Hack Forums accompanying his friend Understalker to learn how they could earn money online. He spent most of his time in the Currency Exchange section and did giveaways for the members of Hack Forums. He also ran a lot of services such as PI service, Doxing Service and notably his stresser, PowerStresser. He was also the leader of Echo. The only person he looked upon within Hack Forums was Bull™. Later his account got closed due to unknown reason(s).


  • Former leader of Echo

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

Haydrazs played a crucial role in the closing of another Hack Forums user Vinnie along with the closure of his group Instinct because of their 'forum war', which led a 'hit' in real life, such as SWATting.