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Join Date: 06/19

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In June 2014, TheChief found out about Hack Forums through online users as a platform for selling his hacked iOS applications. Tempted to check things out as a brand new user, he soon found the rising potential of the forum and decided to take part in it and register an account to check the quality content offered throughout Hack Forums. Initially, TheChief browsed through the forum content as an average user, while communicating with random users when interested. His interest in the forum wasn't great enough, as most of his business ventures were hosted on competitor forum. It wasn't long before TheChief decided to fully involve himself with the forum community and and its inner workings after a dispute that got his account on the competing forum closed for unknown reasons. Alongside that, he was attracted by the forum marketplace's extensive and active community that possessed a vast array of products. Good things never last, as a person's luck is almost always guaranteed to end at a certain point. It wasn't too long before TheChief was a victim of another user's scam, that left him a few dollars short of a hundred poor. It was at that point when TheChief decided to handle things cautiously, while aiming to maintain an accurate understanding of the forum's help documents when it comes to the marketplace. From the lessons he learned as a rookie on the forum, he made his way to the top, made a name for himself as an established merchant and purchased a group of his own, branding it as Notorious. The group was quite a success and had many different programs running for the whole forum. Unfortunately, Chief's life became very busy -- to the point that he had to take a vacation ban for a six-month duration. He decided that the group wouldn't function correctly without him, so he handed the group to his friend Vitani to hold while Chief found a buyer for the group. The group was eventually sold. He currently browses around Hack Forums regularly, particularly the marketplace.


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