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Join Date: 01-05-2013

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Lovely joined Hack Forums on January 5, 2013, in search of YouTube views to boost his channel and get a better ranking. A few months down the line, he didn't have any funds to upgrade his profile, so he decided to enter a contest. Subsequently, he won and was upgraded to L33t by Razor. Lovely improved on his writing, a task which was difficult due to his dyslexia. His dream was to become a successful entrepreneur, and with the help of other Hack Forums members, he was able to achieve his goal.

A dream of mine has always been to be a successful entrepreneur, although I can't say that about myself yet I'm surely getting towards that goal. I got even more into CPA and thanks to members like Funtage, Ryan Reynold, sPk and others I was able to pull a good amount of money together which helped my mom and me a lot with the situation we were going through back then with a stepdad leaving us and a lot of bills to pay. Now I'm aiming for higher goals and always progressing even through the hard times.

In February of 2015, Lovely took on the position of leading the group Fortune. He led the group along with Ibennz, under the owner Beslim. Lovely's vision was to aid users in general topics including marketing, graphic design, coding, and SEO management. He opened up recruitment to the forums on February 17th, a week after the group was formed. The group was later renamed Pirates in honor of eCoLoGy. Lovely was then forced to step down from his leadership position.


Lovely used to go by the name of Jake Miller. His account was later closed, and he created a new profile on October 21, 2015.

When asked about how Hack Forums has changed or influenced his life, he replied:

I'm dyslexic and when I registered I had a really hard time making sense to people due to being both from EU and not being able to write properly, that didn't stop me from being active on the forum though and had really helped to improve on my writing skills because I spend most of my day writing and reading I naturally became better, so in that way Hackforums has been a better teacher to me than any of school teachers were. Besides that, I've learned a lot about affiliate marketing and social media platforms, and I've made money online ever since Hack Forums introduced me to Affiliate marketing.

Lovely is not as active as he once was, but he can be found lurking around the site.

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