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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 10-30-2012

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Joining in 2012, ZuGgY has made a significant impact here at Hack Forums. Spending the most of his time in The Lounge, The News and Happening section, and The Movies, TV, and Videos sectors of Hack Forums. ZuGgY is most known for his insane amount of contribution of news to The News and Happening section of Hack Forums, rightfully earning him the Speaker of the House award. He was one of the most successful Bitcoin traders on Hack Forums, online accounts trader, middleman, computer and internet enthusiast and overall helper where needed. Currently, he is a Writer and Publisher of the Hack Forums Wiki.

On January 9th, 2017, ZuGgY became a moderator of the Testimonials sections, after being hand-picked by Omniscient himself.


  • Current Writer
  • Current Publisher of Hack Forums Wiki
  • Moderator of the Testimonials section.

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Computers
  • Over 2,500 reported posts.
  • All-time top poster of News and Happenings section (hence the Speaker of the House award given to him from Omniscient)
  • One of the most successful Bitcoin traders of all time on Hack Forums.
  • Writer (Publisher status)
  • Moderator of the Testimonials section