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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 09-22-2010

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Aliases: N/A


Zeus joined Hack Forums on September 22nd, 2010. Originally having interests in Habbo Hotel, clickjacking, hacking, RuneScape, online gaming, and the overall online lifestyle and casual use of the website Tinychat, where he met and was advised by Stay Plural to join Hack Forums. He started as a regular user, both in HF and Tinychat in what started as a social online group of regular Tinychat users/streamers later known as the Lounge. From there Zeus got to know and befriend other Hack Forums members such as Bugga, Froggy, Hydra, KKB., Xrox, Vinnie, Splashy, and Topkekeroni and further expanded on his online life and career and expanded with like-minded members.


Zeus always felt like an underdog, having been around older members from HF in his earlier days he always strived and wanted to make his own group and mark on Hack Forums, something that seemed impossible early on due to the high prices of owning a group as well as having the right profile to be trusted as well as track record. Zeus went on to be on and off from HF but eventually fall into a regular flow. The first official unofficial group he joined was Bootyhunters. Following his advancement and knowledge in the online world, he later joined the group Null, Instinct, Red Lions as well as Terminal. Following that he went on to lead Wolfpack. Once having more group experience and connections he went on to co-own Ston3rz, where unfortunately he was milked through a contract violation. Zeus was also one of the first leaders of the Brotherhood revival but due to complications between himself and Nuworld, he was removed.

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

Slowly meeting new people and gaining experience in other areas and interests, his usage and casual use of the marketplace helped him become an active user. He made several contributions to the forums in the form of posting in the hacking, jailbreak, lounge, and marketplace sections; including tutorials, several giveaways, and overall general helpful posts.

Zeus went on to help keep groups active and created the Panthers as a way of having his own active and helpful group. After that, he went on to buy the Ares crew in honor of being Greek which was eventually sold, and shortly after he went on to create the group Olympians which he combined with Panthers as a combined package or an upgrade for Panthers members to give a choice of username features to display on Hack Forums.

He was then later closed on the 15th of May due to a build-up of warnings but the final blow was sales trashing a thread. With that, the group Olympians were disbanded and deleted by Omniscient after the closure of Zeus.

As of September 14, 2022, Zeus has been re-opened.