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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 04-13-2012

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Aliases: N/A


Zayne joined Hackforums due to an interest regarding computers and technology and after a few months of reading up on different security measures he later on grew a passion for exploring different ways around security, and also grew a better understanding of different coding languages. However, mostly website oriented security work, and a bit lower-level. Zayne used to run a prestigious group called Pernicious Developers together with a very close friend to him who went under the alias Sky. Pernicious Developers (PD) was a security oriented group who recruited like-minded people from different forums and communities who all had a passion for researching security & technology on their free-time. Pernicious Developers was also involved in a lot of on-site drama.


Current member of Null Current member of 3p1c Current member of Ub3r Previous member of Complexity Previous member of Instinct Previous member of L'appel du vide Previous member of Legacy Previous member of Empire Previous member of Polymath Previous member of Respawn Previous member of Titans Previous member of Nexus Previous member of Nightfall Previous member of Skill Previous member of Void Previous member of Innovation Previous brotherhood member Previous brotherhood Website Hacking sector leader Previous Legion admin & teacher (We had these internal perks, we didn't have privileges to the group-panel but we admins was the ones who managed the group for a while) Involved in various site dramas Former website security mentor for Null consolidated

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

Formerly active in the Beginner Hacking section

Formerly active in the Website and forum hacking section

Formerly active in The Lounge

Hacking stressers since 1992

Security and technology work

Car enthusiast

Website penetration

Passion for programming

Hating on owls