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Forum: Profile
Status: Closed
Join Date: 02-21-2010
Awards: N/A



Zach joined Hack Forums on January 21, 2010. His purpose of joining was to learn how to use illegal tools like Remote Administration Tools (RAT) and managing "botnets." Over the years, Zach became very knowledgeable with RAT tools and even made a Hack Forums group revolving around RAT tools. Zach owned and led one of the first Hack Forums groups: RATS Crew. The group was dismantled on February 3, 2012 due to leadership issues regarding disagreements between Omniscient and Zach. Zach started to look down upon all groups, claiming that they had all gone downhill since 2010. Zach also believed the forum was going downhill because the community was more focused on profit and less on quality. The last couple of threads made by Zach were about how he freaked out about being suspended from school for being rude to his principle after he was accused of deleting files on his school's computers.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

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