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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 06-03-2009

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Aliases: N/A


In the search for knowledge in hacking to complement his reverse engineering skills, Xch4ng3 signed up for Hack Forums on June 3, 2009. Due to his interest to exploit Microsoft Network (MSN), he spent most of his early days in the Skype, IRC, ICQ, AIM, XMPP, and IM Hacks section which contains threads related to MSN/AIM.

Since joining, he has always tried to help out members as much as he can. His efforts were rewarded a year later as he got promoted to Staff in June 2010. He stepped down from being a Staff on February 2011 but was reinstated back on April of the same year, serving until July 2013.

Being a prominent user, he also did not escape controversies. The biggest of which is the scam reports filed against him and his currency exchange service that ran for a little over three years, which he defended both gracefully and professionally. However, due to the fiasco, he decided to serve the last few of his customers by completing exchanges and issuing refunds and finally stopped his service. He also was a victim of impersonation in and outside the forum, and he also had his Skype compromised once.

...everything happens for a reason and it's because those things happened that I'm here now. I would change nothing because at that point it was exactly what I wanted to do.

After serving as Staff, Omniscient promoted Xch4ng3 as an Administrator. Known for his hard work, dedication, and having a balance between being lenient and ruthless, he was in charge of all account related issues, including management of the contact form for Hack Forums. Besides Omniscient, he was one of the eight users that served as an Administrator in the forums. He stepped down 2 years later and got demoted as a Mentor until eventually reverting back to Ub3r.

He was once asked who influenced him the most on the forum and he stated:

Without sounding like ass-kissing, probably Omniscient. Not because he's the administrator here but because just of the way he works. Most people would have given up after the second time their forum got hacked or knocked offline yet he still somehow keeps us up and deals with his daily workload. iBruteforce was another one. He's a veteran so not much more needs to be said.


  • Former Administrator
  • Former Staff Member
  • Former Mentor

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