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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 04-23-2011

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Aliases: N/A


Adam joined Hack Forums on May 18, 2012. He joined because of his little brother, xbennetxk. At first, he was active in the Batch ,Shell, Dos and Command Line Interpreters section, until one day he discovered the iPhone and iPod Touch section. Adam's goals when signing up was to: learn something new each day, meet new people, make some friends, and to help others with the experiences he had encountered.

When asked for his inspirations, he replied:

Overall, Tibit has made the biggest impact. I was accepted into The Empire over 8 months ago, and we have been good friends since then. Several others include Grin, D3xus, and Connected.

Adam was demoted from his Mentor status on January 6, 2017, by Omniscient due to coding a userscript that bypassed his newest implementation of a global profile ignore system.

On January 14, 2018, the Mentor group returned. Directly after posting this, Omniscient contacted Adam to let him know that he would be the first mentor added back into the group. When asked about the situation, he replied:

I was understanding at first. I did make a tool that bypassed a feature on his site. However, as time progressed, I found myself becoming pretty angry that he would do that to me. A member that has done so much for the community. It was incredibly surprising to me, in a good way, when he told me I would be the first one readded.

Adam has been a part of many projects throughout his years on Hack Forums. Two of his most recent additions to the forums is the cracking of Hack Forums' Prestige Formula V.3 with Makaveli The Don and ☃BowmanBot☃, as well as his personal project, the HFX: Native Web Extension for Hack Forums. The extension focuses on allowing users to have more customizable features on the forum.

Adam constantly strives to better the community to return what the site has done for him. In his interview he stated:

I enjoy making tools for users that will make their life easier. It gives me the drive to learn more, and it gives the users something they can enjoy. HF has been a positive influence on me, as far as the members go and growing my skill set. I would love to see the site continue to grow and give others the opportunities HF has given me.


  • Former Archive Leader
  • Former Empire Head Leader

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • iOS Devices
  • Android Devices
  • iOS Jailbreaking & Hacking
  • Android Rooting & Hacking
  • HFX Extension
  • Prestige Formula V.3