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*[[T3h Hack3r]]
*[[T3h Hack3r]]

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This Wiki has been created and maintained by the HF Wiki Team, a sub-section of the Writ3rs. The team consists of a group of volunteers who perform tasks in several different roles.

The Roles

  • Leaders
    • The leaders are in place to manage, organize and provide general support and advice to the team. They have absolute authority over all things related to the Wiki. Any issues within the team should be taken to the leaders to be addressed. Finally, they are directly in control of the the Wiki, its location and security.
  • Editors
    • The editors are charged with the task of editing, re-writing, proofreading and amending articles created by the writers. They deal directly with the writers and can offer advice on grammar, structure and expansion of articles.
  • Publishers
    • The publishers are assigned the task of structuring and maintaining the Wiki. They will upload and format all articles created by the team to the Wiki. They also manage the Wiki's structure and ensure all articles are neatly categorized and easily accessible to the forum members.
  • Writers
    • The writers form the backbone of the team. They write the content and articles that forms the Wiki. They work with the editors in order to finalize an article and ensure it is of quality.

Current Members

With the publicization of the Wiki, the roles are no longer held in strict regard and everyone pitches in with publishing, editing, writing and updating. However, a general idea is provided below.

Past Members

Past members of the Wiki team in alphabetical order. To be considered for this list, you have to have contributed at least one article in the Writ3rs wiki forum.

Contact Us

Any and all queries can be directed towards one of the leaders. Our preferred method of contact is via PM on Hack Forums.