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Walt Disney™
Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 09-03-2012

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Aliases: N/A


Walt Disney joined Hack Forums for his interest in the mobile hacking section. He came to leech off some iPhone 3Gs game hacks. He states that Tiny Wings was popular at the time. He claims that the member, Hank Hill, was the one that kept him interested in Hack Forums and the one who showed him around the forums through private messages. Walt claims that he sincerely misses Hank, and wishes he was still around to see what he has accomplished thus far.

Walt claims that after he got accustomed to the Forums, he focused a lot more on his PC. He became more and more active on Hack Forums, especially after watching the movie, "Hackers," wanting to be like them, pledged to join the hacktivist group, Anonymous, and even went as far as having "Anonymous" in his username in his earlier times.

Walt Disney has been promoted to Probational Staff on January 30, 2016.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Thousands of dollars worth of exchanges done in the now defunct Currency Exchange forum.
  • Assistance in Counter Strike and Runescape.
  • Online interests: Working with Python after receiving his first Raspberry Pi.
  • Offline interests: Music, filming, and adventure. He can play the ukulele and guitar. Also a fan of the outdoors, exploring new places, hiking, and photography.