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Profile Link



Award Name Reason Date Given
Member of the Month Has been an overachiever for some time now. Feb 2009 is yours. 2-27-2009
Drunk Has a wild lifestyle. 3-24-2010

Notable Positions

  • Staff member on two occasions
  • Mentor


VipVince joined Hack Forums as a teenager on the 11th of April, 2008. He was hacked and was amazed at how a person could take full control of his computer and access his files. After being hacked, he was determined to search the internet and find out how to hack people. He happened to stumble across Hack Forums, which at the time was a relatively new site that only had several hundred members. At the time of joining, he had no knowledge of hacking so he began his journey searching through the forum to find methods on how to hack websites and like how had been previously hacked. He became knowledgeable in more than one subject.

His goals when joining were to gain a strong understanding of hacking and how things worked. He wanted to rise above the average person and become talented in things that very little people understood. He wanted to be known as a hacker. This was his only goal when joining Hack Forums, however VipVince has achieved quite a lot. He has obtained staff on two occasions, been a member for 5 years without ever being banned or repfucked, won the first ever Member of the Month award, has been interviewed for the news twice, has more than 10,000 posts and 1,000 reputation. He is currently a mentor. He credits his success from those who have created the tutorials he has used, which he feels helped make him into the person he has become.


  • Hacking
  • Innuendo
  • Programming

Notable Events or Controversies

  • Won the first ever Member of the Month award, picked by Omniscient himself.
  • 10,000 overall posts
  • Staff member on two occasions
  • 5 year member
  • Over 1000 reputation points