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Status: Closed
Join Date: 12-14-2010

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Vinnie joined Hack Forums on December 14th, 2010. He was attracted to the forums because of his passion for computers, booters and server stress testing, DNS, and network security, having come from the Darkode community. He left after his searches proved fruitless, but came back to Hack Forums with his cousin Kohsti in 2012. The two began assisting other forum members with bots, RATs, and botnets to gain reputation and notoriety on the forum. The member Gold got Vinnie and Kohsti involved in a RAT Help Desk operated by the Illuminati group, giving them a significant boost to their credibility. He upgraded to L33t at the same time as Kohsti and Gold.

Using the knowledge learned from RATting other users, Vinnie and Kohsti amassed a great deal of wealth setting up other Hack Forums members' RATs and encrypting their servers for further RAT usage. Vinnie applied for and was accepted to Respawn, his first group on HF, where bugga noticed his skills and invited him to Propitious. Vinnie became a regular user in BELLAGIO's "Parlaying" TinyChat room, where he befriended many other Hack Forums users and gained a notable reputation as a friendly and intelligent member. BELLAGIO subsequently invited him to Illuminati, having been impressed with Vinnie's intelligence and personality. Similar to their L33t upgrade, Vinnie and Kohsti simultaneously upgraded to Ub3r and celebrated by giving each other +3 reps.

Vinnie eventually became a leader of Illuminati after bugga departed from the group. When BELLAGIO expressed his intent to sell the group, Vinnie intervened and purchased the group from him alongside Anonymous. The two became co-owners of the group, and developed several products that generated a significant amount of revenue for the pair. Seeing his potential, Vinnie partnered with Anonymous to purchase Legion, then known as The Corporation and owned by Tibit.

BELLAGIO wanted to sell Illuminati, so I ended up asking Anonymous to partner up with me. He was a nobody at the time, but accepted the offer and we went 50/50 on Illuminati. Anon was the owner of the group, and I led the group fully. We had the Illuminati and Legion stresser, giving us $8,000 per week.

Although Vinnie's background was in black hat hacking, Legion became a grey hat group as a result of Omniscient's ban on black hat discussion and activity. This put them at odds with Root, a similarly minded hacking group. There was significant enmity between members of the group, and tensions rose over time. Just over one month after the group was founded, the payment database for member upgrades was compromised and the personal information of thousands of members became public. The information was allegedly compromised with the intent of revealing the details of Legion members in specific. In response, Omniscient deleted the Root group and closed the accounts of Castle Bravo, the group's owner, RyanC, and Starfall, two leaders of Root.

Among Vinnie's friends on Hack Forums was Judge Dredd, then an administrator. Judge Dredd accidentally repfucked Vinnie without any apparent reason. In response, Vinnie compromised the accounts of various forum members including Tibit, mad, and bugga. His mind was clouded by his fury but he didn't care. He leaked personal conversations with Judge Dredd and other notable members, and revealed his hacking of many other accounts outside of those already mentioned. The details of the leaked conversations revealed evidence of apparent malfeasance. Legitimate or not, Judge Dredd resigned from his administrative position on good terms with Omniscient, and was given the Complexity usergroup. Judge Dredd was retained as a Staff member, however.

Vinnie sold his half of Illuminati back to Anonymous, and purchased WiFi Gang, changing it to Legacy. The group was paid for by one of Vinnie's customers, who had paid him and Apple J4ck over $137 thousand dollars for a series of jobs. Its purpose as a gaming group remained across all its versions, with the exception of The Lannisters, later taking the form of Instinct and Nightfall. Vinnie later purchased The Alliance and changed it to Null, alongside T3h Hack3r and Shanks.

In December of 2014, Vinnie was arrested for alleged implications in the LizardSquad hacks across the world and for PayPal fraud. Both of the charges were dropped due to the lack of evidence against him, however.

At the end of the road, Vinnie is leaving Hack Forums because of his previous involvement with Darkode and his drama with Understalker. Omniscient has kindly asked Vinnie to leave the forum, both for his own safety and the forum's safety.


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