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Valor is a group dedicated to helping members forum-wide. No one will be left behind, we stick together & act as if we're a family. We plan on displaying that throughout our posts, threads, and assistance to other members.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: July 1st, 2012
Owner: BV1
Past Leaders ExistenceGenuine
Previous Iteration: Blackshades
Next Iteration: Terror
Valor (Banner).png


Valor started as general purpose group that focused on a broad list of topics such as networking, marketing, and helping others around the forum. Valor had a stint where its focus was holding contests and giveaways for regular forum members, though it eventually went back to being an all-purpose group.


BV1 ツ purchased the group from Omniscient after the former owner of Blackshades, xvisceral, was arrested. Once it was acquired, BV1 ツ later rebranded it to Valor.

Once it got rebranded to Valor, there were numerous members already in the group because they had paid for their membership. The members of Blackshades were given a deadline to contact Existence or risk being kicked out. Once Valor was announced, it got declared that you could no longer buy your membership and must be nominated instead, for consideration by members already within the group.

The invite-only style of the group didn't last long, as Existence soon began accepting buy-ins from people who wanted to pay to be in the group for $35. The membership fee steadily became lower and lower, eventually getting as low as $5. The low membership cost led to the team ending up with over 350 members. The influx of people started the dip in quality and activity within the subforum, as a lot of members were buying in only for the user bar.

There was an internal fighting between BV1 ツ & Existence, as well as among several members. This drama led the ownership back to BV1 ツ from Existence and eventually BV1 ツ chose to mass kick over 150 of the members and later rebranded the group entirely.

Current Status

Rebranded to Terror by the same owner.