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Status: Active
Join Date: 05-05-2011

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Some of Tonight's goals were to make as much money as he could selling usernames and to acquire the nicest usernames on the market. He achieved both of these and his old GT sales thread is still one of the most posted on threads in that section. His goals after that were to become a Master Donator and lead a group. Both of these he completed in 2012 and 2013. He lead the official group Rhythm for about a year and donated for Master Donator in late 2013. He was also a leader of Void, Nexus, and L'appel du vide throughout the group's transition. Tonight had since had 11 of his awards removed leaving only the ones he earned and did not pay for. After that he wanted to become a part of the Writers and join Infamous I, which at the time only had 28 members and was very prestigious. He was recruited as an interviewer for the HF News in September of 2013 and was on the team until shortly prior to Sir's closure. He joined Infamous I in August of 2013 becoming one of the elite 29 members which he was very proud of at the time. Another goal Tonight had was to create a thread worthy of a sticky. He achieved this goal by creating his in depth guide of Securing an Xbox Account found in the Gamertags sub-forum. The community loved it and he PM'd Omniscient about the thread being much more updated than the previous one which was three years old and he removed those stickies and awarded him with Sticky Man. After this he only had a few more goals on the site; to become Member of the Month and to earn over 2000 reputation. In June of 2014 he won Member of the Month by default when he was in second place in the competition and Sir was in first but had previously won Member of the Month. Omniscient awarded Sir with the Cool award and gave him Member of the Month. After this there was a rule instated that you can only win the competition once. He achieved his two thousand rep goal shortly after this.


Tonight, also known as Saturday, came to Hack Forums after lurking for a few months and getting into buying and selling OG gamertags. His buddy Soulmate urged him to register one day so he did. That was in May of 2011 however he had been on the 'OG scene' for at least 6 months prior to his registration and was already a member of a forum called TheTechGame. Tonight lurked HF and was scared to sign up at first because he was afraid of being hacked.

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

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