Titans II

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Titans II
Titans (Userbar).png

Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: August 30th, 2016
Owner: Realizm
Past Leaders iHydra
Previous Iteration: Minecrafters (2016)
Next Iteration: Torque
Titans (Banner).png


Titans is based around having fun. We host community events to involve everyone using new and innovative games and ideas!


Titans were notoriously known for the amount of effort and resources provided to the Hack Forums’ community. Being rebranded from Minecrafters into Titans II on August 30, 2016, the group focused on having fun, standing out, and learning. Though as they got looked upon as a lounge group, they certainly proved that this was not the group’s only intent. Numerous events got hosted in the name of Titans II in efforts to rejuvenate the order and level of activity amongst the community. They brought numerous games and un-seen ideas to Hack Forums. One main event that grasped the attention of users was the Titans x Synergy Gaming Tournament. To commemorate the return of Titans II, Realizm and Cryptic™ opted to host this occasion. The tournament took place on Call of Duty: Black Ops III. There were two tournaments, one exclusively for PlayStation 4 users, along with an opportunity for Xbox One players. If winning the forum-wide competition did not serve prestigious enough itself, $100 got awarded to each console winner.

Titans II was short-lived, but while it was here, the presentation got made. Hosting an event that gathered more than 50 applicants and awareness from staff, they were not a group to be taken lightly. The team was auctioned off and sold to Cameron, where it now stands as the group Torque.

Current Status

The group is now defunct and is sold to Cameron, who has rebranded the group to Torque.