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Profile Link



Award Name Reason Date Given
Rich Bitch Kind of you to donate today. Thank you. May 5, 2013
Sapphire of Ub3r Thanks July 1, 2013
Liberty Reserve Head Loving the LR Head means I'm taking out the trash. July 28, 2011
Emerald Donator Thanks bud. August 13, 2012
Master Donator New and shiny MD award just for you. Thanks for the support. August 13, 2012
RAT Expert You're very active in the RAT section. August 13, 2012
Gravel of Dredd Twin platinum gun son, aim for the sky, ice on my bullet, you die soon as I pull it. November 18, 2012
Businessman Has established himself as an HF power player. December 4, 2012
Brony It's a rainbow of awards. Hehe. December 6, 2013
Black Hatter http://www.zdnet.com/exclusive-hacker-na...s-7009151/ December 22, 2013
Member of the Month January 2013 MOTM Winner February 6, 2013
Bitcoinage From the Bitcoin guru himself. Thanks. May 11, 2013
Gift A gift from Peter L. June 26, 2013

Notable Positions


Tibit joined Hack Forums on the 23rd of January in 2011 in order to learn more about Cyber Security for the competition he was participating in at the time, although he originally lacked any specific goals regarding his future on the forum. However, four months later Tibit had made his first donation of many more to come. He donated $50 through Paypal and thus received the Rich Bitch award shortly after. Just over one month later Tibit had upgraded to the Ub3r usergroup, and later that July he had donated another $20 to Hack Forums, this time to receive the Liberty Reserve Head award since he had donated using the payment processor Liberty Reserve, a processor preferred by many members on the forum. After becoming more and more active, Tibit decided it was time to make his biggest donation yet to Hack Forums - a donation of $500. He sent the money in August of 2012, just under a year after his previous donations. Tibit was given the Master Donator award as a thank you from Omni, as well as the Emerald Donator award. He also received the RAT expert award a mere two minutes after being given the Master Donator award.

Soon after his $500 donation, Tibit made a purchase of a HF custom user group for $3,500, which he called The Empire. The Empire still exists under his ownership as of the 30th of June 2013. After deciding one group was not enough, Tibit purchased what was Rhythm at the time, although after attaining ownership he renamed the group to The Corporation. He was not owner of the group for long however, as he decided to pass the position down to Aeon ‹3. Again under Aeon ‹3's ownership the group did not last long, as together they decided to sell the group to Anonymous and his partner Λɴᴏɴʏᴍᴏᴜs. They are in the process of, as of the 30th of January 2013, renaming the group to 'Legion'.

Tibit has been most active in the sub forum of The Empire, where he has a total of just over 6,500 posts. Tibit was the first group owner to start a product brand using a group name and the first group owner to start a group Stresser. Throughout his journey on Hack Forums, like many other members, Tibit has had a few people who he has become close to. When asked which members had had the greatest impact on him, Tibit commented that the users xadamxk, mad, Aeon ‹3, Daisy, Existence, Judge Dredd, Positive, Wolves, Eternal, Prox, Peter L, and Omniscient had influenced him the most. To date, Tibit has also made over $175,000 worth of sales through the Hack Forums marketplace. He has donated over $13,500 to Hackforums as well.


  • Computer Security
  • Online Marketing
  • Traveling
  • Politics
  • Movies
  • Online gaming with friends
  • Baseball
  • Reading

Notable Events or Controversies

  • Owning two groups at once