The Protector

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The Protector
The Protector (Award).png
Report a lot of spam and protect HF to achieve this.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 7


The award is primarily granted to users who report a significant amount of posts or do something extremely noteworthy to protect Hack Forums.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
thedankestmeme Helped to stop a problem at HF quickly. Thanks for the call. 12-28-2008
kutmustakurt No one reports problems better. Great job. 09-04-2009
Kewlhotrod Always looking out for HF. 11-06-2009
MyNameIs940 Always looking out for HF. 12-14-2009
evilalex For finding and reporting a profile vulnerability. 12-19-2009
Nulli Secundus Lots of accurate reports, thanks. 01-25-2010
flAmingw0rm Lots of reported posts, thanks. 02-23-2010
Dervie Thanks for reporting abuse. 03-13-2010
TheyCallMeRusty Always reporting, very accurately too. 03-15-2010
♂ Elektrisk ♂ For doing a great job reporting posts. 03-24-2010
Paradoxum You do a great job reporting posts. 03-30-2010
Sam Fisher For the many great reports you have made. 06-02-2010
Factor8™ Because you look out for HF so often. 06-22-2010
cobija For the many accurate reports you've made. 10-12-2010
phire nuk3r You're doing your best to keep HF members alive. 03-24-2011
Opulence For keeping HF safe and the rules enforced. 06-01-2011
Glassy Honor and glory to the protectors of HF. 11-04-2011
Xerotic Few work as hard as you making sure HF is protected. 11-24-2011
Chris Your reports are vital. 02-05-2012
Conqueror Keeping us bitch-ass free. 02-27-2012
Cletus Appreciate what you've done. 05-22-2012
adampelletgun Valiant protector of HF here is your award. 04-04-2013
AntiPaste I appreciate the reporting you've done. Very detailed. 07-17-2014
vurezo I see you doing a good job with helping and I'm grateful. 05-07-2015
Formant Great work in the Xbox section. 12-13-2015
Minimalist You have almost 1000 reported posts and untold PMs to staff to help us deal with policy violations. Thank you for being a valiant protector of HF. 04-26-2016
Mr.Peanut What you did was pretty brutal. Thanks. 08-25-2016
Mr.Steven You make great reports about misdeeds on HF. 11-08-2016
Biggy You make great reports to Staff and protect the HF community. 03-05-2018
Punisher Congrats on your scratchcard win. 04-20-2018
.trigious Thank you for reporting that exploit. 06-18-2019
FBI Thank you for reporting XSS. 10-03-2019
LiteDev Saving asses and taking names. 12-23-2019
Dorrance Sword of victory is yours. 03-28-2020
I-GANK-I Thank you for reporting the vuln. 07-31-2020
James Good bug report. 01-25-2021
Exalted Thank you for protecting HF. 05-05-2021
linkinpork Thank you for reporting Convo bug. 05-05-2021
Proof You're holding the line. 09-21-2021
The Keep the reports of bots coming. 08-24-2022
-Scrub 09-24-2022