The Order

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The Order
The Order (Userbar).png
The Order (Userbar) Old.png
What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: 02-29-2016
Owner: Krave
Leaders Cara Delevingne
Past Leaders NarrateRegulusFsvorTsundereEpilepsy
Previous Iteration: DARK
Next Iteration: The Executives


The Order is an extremely active general discussion group which prides itself on having an extremely active group sub-forum with a tight-knit like-minded community. Members treat one another like family, and the team boasts an incredible 150,000 posts and over 100 lounges in their sub-forum.


Krave purchased Dark from Beslim. The Order got officially established on February 28, 2016. It started as gambling and general discussion group. The team later focused purely on general discussion. Few months after the group established Krave changed the group's graphics to the current one. Cara Delevingne, the present leader of the group took over the gambling sub-forum which got rebranded into a media related subforum.

Current Status