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This is the list of Hack Forums Groups which fall under different categories: Active, Defunct, Upgrade, Site, and Executive.



Dawn (Banner).png
Owner: Ninetales.
Leaders: Water Aura • ๖ۣۜInfamy • Ariana • Night Fury
Past Leaders: None
Dawn (Userbar).png
"The first rays of light that sustain a new day."

Dawn is a group primarily based on elevating one's understanding and contributing to the community. The group was formed in January 3rd, 2016 following the sale of Archive.

Status of recruitment: Recruitment is closed. Timeline: Propitious -> Infamous I -> Zero -> Archive -> Dawn


Echo (Banner).png Owner: Arrow Leaders: haydrazs • Funtage • Aurora • Moeseph Past Leaders: The Sky Daddy • Bonfire. • Understalker • Tommy Echo (Userbar).png "A lounge group."

Echo started as a group focused on server stress-testing, but later amended its purpose as a 'lounge group'. The group was formed on January 11th, 2015. No other information is available at this time.

Status of Recruitment: Recruitment is open as of November 8th, 2015. Timeline: Reverence -> Respawn -> Innovation -> Respawn -> Enterprise -> Echo


[Image: uGvtLk2.png] Owner: zSerity Leaders: Magicmann • Ginsum • Realizm • ɅʁɱªÐą • Nine. Past Leaders: None [Image: enigma.png] "A unification of sophisticated individuals who share a keen interest in cryptocurrency, currency exchanging, and helping the community of Hack Forums."

The group acts as a unification of knowledge, cooperation, development, and utilization of all aspects in regards to technology, and technological advancement. The group was rebranded from Crypto to Engima on December 9th, 2015.

Status of recruitment:: Recruitment is closed. Timeline: Blackshades -> Valor -> Terror -> Black Diamond -> Dynasty -> Polymath -> Crypto -> Enigma


[Image: zPgYsDK.gif] Owner: Nex+ Leaders: Ƥeekaboi • Eyesome Past Leaders: Fiz • Young Thug • YoungThug. [Image: eternal.jpg] "Eternal is a global conglomerate of skilled marketers and businessmen."

Eternal is comprised of some of the most talented and skilled businessmen and marketers.

Status of recruitment: Recruitment is opened. Timeline: 143 -> Phoenix -> Debug -> Divine -> Prism -> Eternal


[Image: dw1bmGb.png] Owner: Raptor. Leaders: Divined • Euxine Past Leaders: None [Image: fusion.png] "Fusion is a gaming group with two teams battling against each other in tournaments, will Team Orange or Team Blue prevail?"

Fusion is a gaming group with two teams battling against each other in tournaments, will Team Orange or Team Blue prevail?

Status of recruitment: The group is closed. Timeline: Serenity -> Beacon -> Guardians -> Skill -> The Republic -> Miners -> Studio -> AnimeFAN! -> Fusion


[Image: LEGENDS_2_0_HEADER.png] Owner: Raymond Reddington Leaders: Bull™ • DamienVC Past Leaders: MeshCollider • ɅʁɱªÐą [Image: legends.png] "Others toil their entire lives to make a name for themselves, some are just born LEGENDS."

Legends is a diverse group not fixed on a particular agenda. Marketing, programming, hacking, you name it - but only people who make the cut will be accepted. They strive to contribute, teach and learn as individuals, but do not consider prestige or reputation to increase any chances of getting in Legends.

The group was formed on September of 2015 after being purchased as a new slot (in place of Illuminati) for approximately $8,500 and recruitment was opened its first day.

Status of recruitment: Recruitment is open as of February 18th, 2016. Timeline: Illuminati -> Legends


[Image: sxTdG8J.png] Owner: Realizm Leaders: iHydra • Fiber Past Leaders: None [Image: minecrafters.png] "The Official Minecraft group of HackForums."

Minecrafters is a group that's owned by Realizm. It was rebranded from Titans to Minecrafters. "Minecrafters focuses on the game Minecraft, and we are also proud supporters of the server HackerCraft. Seeing as we are such big supporters, the Minecrafters will solely recruit members, give away spots, etc. through the HackerCraft server."

Status of recruitment: Recruitment is open as of March 29th, 2016. Timeline: Complexity -> Infamous II -> Titans -> Minecrafters


[Image: 23tPYeM.gif] Owner: The Grim Leaders: Bull™ Past Leaders: None [Image: nightmare.png] "We are enlightenment to some, nightmare to others."

The group was formed on March 24th, 2016 after being purchased for approximately $7,000. Nightmare is a group of free thinkers that are dedicated to giving back to HF and also helping other members in the group.

Status of Recruitment: Recruitment is closed Timeline: Graphic Masters -> Fly By Night -> Specialists -> Nightmare


[Image: hD1PHrW.png] Owner: Nobility Leaders: Dubitus™ • Escrow • Avunit Past Leaders: Soccer • Ixaris • T3h Hack3r • Shanks • Vinnie • Th3PonyWizard [Image: null.png] "Null is the name; security is our game."

Formed on January 27th, 2014, Null is focused around hacking and cyber security.

Status of Recruitment: Recruitment is closed as of November 21st, 2015. Timeline: The Alliance -> Null

Red Lions

[Image: NBK7t.png] Owner: nokia2mon2 Leaders: iHydra • !!* Alone Vampire *!! Past Leaders: Hуѕтєяιa X™ • Wolves • Morchid • `P R O D I G Y™ • Pinterest • Glassy [Image: red-lion.jpg] "This is nokia2mon2's special group that he controls."

The group was formed as a result of multiple significant donations made by nokia2mon2. He has donated over $10,000 in the name of the group, and so a drop shadow to the usernames of members of the group was added - it is the only usergroup to feature bespoke username styling. Before the introduction of the official Deal Dispute Database, the group was in charge of the Red Lions Scammer Database: a list of user-submitted scammers.

The group was formed in January of 2011 under the sole leadership of nokia2mon2. Over 100 member upgrades have been made in the name of the group to date. Its current leaders, iHydra and !!* Alone Vampire *!!, have recently been appointed to restart the group.

Status of recruitment: Recruitment is closed as of October 1st, 2015. Timeline: Red Lions


[Image: ntDRH1f.png] Owner: Glitch Leaders: Fiber • Clique • Zexo • prada Past Leaders: [Image: riptide.png] "The waves clash by the eye of the shore, thus the tide is born."

Riptide is a group which captures the entire spectrum of art. Riptide welcomes all who posses skill or passion in visual works (photography, drawing, cinematic), musical works (instrumental, vocal, compositions), written works (poetry, songwriting, rap), and all other forms of art. If you are affiliated in any of the forms of art, then you have a chance at being accepted into the group.

Status of recruitment: Recruitment is closed as of February 16th, 2016.

Timeline: Eminence -> WiFi Gang -> Legacy -> The Lannisters -> *#@?&%! -> Nightfall -> Instinct -> Axiom -> Riptide


[Image: oY3KkgM.png] Owner: Cibor Leaders: • Fiber Past Leaders: _r00t • Grievous [Image: royalty.png] "Loyal and royal marketers."

Royalty is a group focused on the marketplace and offers several benefits to its members.' It appears to be a marketing and finance based group. The group was formed on July 13th, 2015, after its owner won the Omnicoin group auction hosted by Omniscient. No other information is available at this time.

Status of recruitment: Recruitment is open as of August 14th, 2015. Timelime: D.S. Inc -> Techsperts -> The Corporation -> Legion -> Royalty


The Brotherhood

[Image: rLnsr1u.png] Owner: Cryptic™ Leaders: illuminati▲ • -Hyperion Past Leaders: Connected • -Nas • 'Snorlax • xflat • Aura • Roger Waters • Red Sox [Image: brotherhood.png] "The Brotherhood is an organization of individuals who are bound by loyalty to exercise their skills, knowledge, and time, which will encourage the acts of assisting oneself and others."

The group was initially invitation only, but opened recruitment due to many forum members' interest in joining the group. We understand from public announcements by the leaders it is due a restart. It was formerly known as the Marketers, until it was closed due to members' involvement in massive thread-push abuse. It was purchased by Cryptic™ and remained a blank group for roughly a month until June of 2013.

Status of recruitment: Recruitment is closed Timeline: The Marketers -> The Brotherhood

The Order

[Image: DWBuCdB.gif] Owner: Krave Leaders: Narrate • Regulus • RenRioku™ Past Leaders: None [Image: order.png] "What the mind can conceive, it can achieve."

The Order adapts to the needs of each and every user. The group also has a slight focus on gambling because of a gambling sub-forum. The aim of the group is to create a family-like community.

Status of Recruitment: Recruitment is open. Timeline: The Empire -> Revolution -> Fortune -> Pirates -> Dark -> The Order IP Address: Logged