The Brotherhood

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The Brotherhood
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The Brotherhood is a usergroup of individuals who are bound by loyalty to exercise their skills, knowledge, and time, which will encourage the acts of assisting oneself and others.
Status: Active
Type: Paid
Founded: June 24th, 2013
Owner: Cryptic
Leaders illuminati▲
Past Leaders Connected-Nas'SnorlaxAuraRoger WatersxflatLoki123Mr Kewl-HyperionViewsFromThe6ix
Previous Iteration: The Marketers
Next Iteration: Synergy
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The Brotherhood is currently a closed group that was previously known for recruiting members for sections like Gaming, White Hat Help, Computing, Pentesting, Graphics, Music, and Server Administration. The group previously hosted a "Spy Squad" that worked towards exposing members who were multi-accounters, account sellers and buyers. Now, the group focuses on teaching members how to become White Hat Helpers.


The group was initially invitation only but opened a recruitment thread due to such high interest from members in joining the team. It was formerly known as the Marketers until it got closed due to members' involvement in massive thread bumping. It was purchased by Cryptic™ and remained a blank group for approximately a month, until June 2013. In November of 2013, the group had plans to sell to another member and become something else, but they ended when the member xflat purchased Connected's leadership in the group. In 15th of July 2016, The Brotherhood was re-branded into Synergy and later on revived as The Brotherhood. It is currently focused in entertaining Hack Forums and bringing new exclusive content to the forum.

Current Status

Recruitment is open