The Alliance

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The Alliance
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Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.
Status: Defunct
Type: Free
Founded: 2009
Owner: Paradoxum
Past Leaders T3h Hack3r, Skill, Wolves, Saged, Vorfin, Xypher, Deities, Notorious Mental, Shinkirou
Previous Iteration: -
Next Iteration: Null
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The Alliance was one of the first ever groups created on Hack Forums and one of the very few that were handed official status for no cost whatsoever. The Alliance aimed to make Hack Forums an active and friendly community. Members had strict requirements that needed to be met, and only the highest of quality was accepted into the group. Many members of The Alliance went on to become Mentors, Staff and Administrators, proving that the group bred some of Hack Forums highest quality members.

The Alliance was created to offer support to new and old members alike, with no other group sharing the same genre. At the time of The Alliance's creation, only hacking and gaming groups existed, making The Alliance the first of its kind. The Alliance was created as a non-official group and after making an extremely positive impact on the community was given official status by Omniscient. The Alliance was one of the most favorite groups ever created on Hack Forums - leaders were bombarded with buy in offers and join requests; however, The Alliance leaders never gave in as they wanted to keep the group integrity intact. The positive effect that The Alliance left on Hack Forums is still evident throughout the community and instilled in many currently existing groups.


The Alliance was an official group given to Paradoxum for free by Hack Forums founder, Omniscient. Before the group was sold, The Alliance was the oldest remaining group on Hack Forums, having been through ten different leaders and several members. The Alliance was eventually sold to T3h Hack3r which came as a big surprise to many members and was an incredibly sad day for the Hack Forums community.

Current Status

The group was purchased by T3h Hack3r, who re-branded the group to Null