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Group History

The Alliance was an Official Hack Forums Group that was focused on helping all members, regardless of their join date. The group was founded by the members Paradoxum and Skill as a free group in 2009. Since then, a total of ten different members have taken on the role of leader. It was the oldest group on Hack Forums prior to the sale of the group and was a prized group to be a member of.

Goal or Manifesto

"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn." The Alliance is a group focused on helping new and old members alike. Our doors are open to those who posses a genuine thirst and inclination to learn various fields not only concerning hacking. We are a group centralized on refining those who inhabit it in multiple computing aspects. Every so often the doors open during recruitment. Entry is otherwise not requested for in any shape or form.


There are no specific requirements for The Alliance. However, there are many things that may make your application void. Copying from other members' applications, deleting your application and reposting it, editing your original application in any way, senseless or non-understandable applications or including The Alliance banner in your application will make it not eligible for review.

Group Images

Banner: File:Alliance banner.png

Userbar: File:Alliance userbar.gif

Ficon: File:Alliance ficon.gif