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Terminal (Userbar).png

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: October 20, 2017
Owner: Neal Caffrey
Past Leaders DivinedAsh Ketchum
Previous Iteration: SheepGang (2017)
Next Iteration: Genesis (2018)
Terminal (Banner).jpg


Terminal was a group owned by Neal Caffrey until it was sold to MMLF in 2018. Terminal may have given off the impression that it was related to computer theory, hacking, or similar topics, due to the name and userbar. In truth, the group is centered around personal development, music, gaming, shit-posting, and general discussion which is accompanied by a lounge area.


Terminal remained informally welcomed until a recruitment thread was posted, which occurred on the 20th of October 2017. Within this thread, the group's focus was outlined. As illustrated in this article's introduction: "The group is centered around personal development, music, gaming, shit-posting, and general discussion." However, the primary purpose of the thread is to introduce the opportunities available for recruitment into the group.

Two options were provided as a means for joining Terminal:

  1. Buy-in: initially $10 (USD) via BTC or $15 (USD) via PayPal, then later updated to $30 and $40, respectively
  2. Application: fill out the given template and apply via Hack Forums' User CP with a reason deemed satisfactory

The application regarding the second option (entry by an application) is quite simple.

  1. Tell me (Neal Caffrey) about yourself
  2. Why do you want to join Terminal?

Note that it was explicitly stated by the owner, Neal Caffrey, that applications which are sent using Hack Forums' private messaging system will disqualify you.

Terms and conditions of importance were outlined which are relevant to both applicants and current members:

There are no plans to sell the group in the foreseeable future. Buy-ins are for a period of 3 months. If you have a specialized subforum you would like to run, PM me and we can discuss.

On the 22nd of October, 2017, Neal Caffrey released a Discord server to the public in which people may freely shit-post and meme. The thread gained very little attention (four replies including one from himself), and the Discord server has either disbanded or the link provided has expired.

On the 25th of October 2017, Ash Ketchum, a leader of the group, posted a recruitment thread dedicated explicitly to attracting programmers. While Ash Ketchum posted the thread, Ash Ketchum gave credit for its birth to Orchid. As for the particulars of the thread, the recruitment is for the "Coding" division of the group and is only accepting five favorable individuals. It is explicitly noted that any "troll applications" will result in the applicant being blacklisted from entry into Terminal. The thread obtained little activity (under two pages), though Ash Ketchum expressed in his final post that applications via Hack Forums' private messaging system will be permitted in this case presumably due to the nature of the application (i.e. personal information is requested to be filled with the respective template entries).

The template was provided for convenience on both ends and exists as follows:

  • Profile link:
  • Age:
  • Amount of time spent on HF per day:
  • Previous work/threads relating to coding:
  • Why do you think you stand out from the typical applicant?:
  • Are you willing to be active internally (i.e. in the subforum) and externally (i.e. Discord and other chats)?:

Current Status

The group was sold to MMLF who later rebranded it as Genesis (2018).