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Use as follows:

prev=[[previous entry]]|
next=[[next entry]]|

Deprecated for depicting succession

Do not use this template for the purpose of depicting succession, for example in biographies of officeholders. Instead of

| prev=&mdash;
| list=[[Minister of Defence]]<br>1940&ndash;1945
| next=[[Clement Attlee]]

| prev=[[Neville Chamberlain]]
| list=[[Conservative Party (UK)|Leader of the British Conservative Party]]<br>1940&ndash;1955
| next=[[Anthony Eden|Sir Anthony Eden]]



{{Start box}}

{{Succession box
| before=&mdash;
| title=[[Minister of Defence]]
| years=1940&ndash;1945
| after=[[Clement Attlee]]

{{Succession box
| before=[[Neville Chamberlain]]
| title=[[Conservative Party (UK)|Leader of the British Conservative Party]]
| years=1940&ndash;1955
| after=[[Anthony Eden|Sir Anthony Eden]]


{{End box}}

This template may still be useful for other sequences, especially simple ordered lists of articles without associated spans of years.

See also

simple:Template:Sequence ur:سانچہ:Sequence