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| title = The Moderators of Hack Forums
| bodyclass  = mw-collapsible
| titlestyle = background: #072948; font-weight: bold; font-size: 16px; text-align: center; color: white;
| bodystyle  = margin-top: 5px; width: 100%; border: 1px solid transparent; border-collapse: collapse;
| groupstyle = background: #072948; color: white;
| title     = The Moderators of Hack Forums
| titlestyle = background: #1f1f1f; font-weight: bold; font-size: 16px; text-align: center; color: white;  padding: 2px 0px 3px 0px; border: 4px solid #1f1f1f; border-radius: 5px;
| groupstyle = background: #1f1f1f; color: white; border: 4px solid #1f1f1f; border-radius: 5px 0px 0px 5px;
| abovestyle = background: #6B6A6A; color: white;
| abovestyle = background: #6B6A6A; color: white;
| group1 = Current Administrators
| liststyle  = border: 1px solid transparent; padding: 2px; border: 4px solid #1f1f1f; border-radius: 0px 5px 5px 0px; border-left: none;
| list1 = [[Omniscient]] {{o}} [[Factor8™]]
| group1     = [[:Category:Current Administrators|Current Administrators]]
| group2 = Current Staff
| list1     = {{#dpl:category=Current Administrators|mode=inline|inlinetext=   •  }}
| list2 = [[Judge Dredd]] {{o}}  [[Paradoxum]] {{o}} [[Skorp]] {{o}} [[Xch4ng3]] {{o}} [[!! * Alone Vampire * !!]]
| group2     = [[:Category:Current Staff|Current Staff]]
| group3 = Current Mentors
| list2     = {{#dpl:category=Current Staff|mode=inline|inlinetext=   •  }}
| list3 = [[adampelletgun]] {{o}} [[AsSaSs@iN]] {{o}} [[Chris]] {{o}} [[D3xus]] {{o}} [[Diabolic]] {{o}} [[Doctor Blue]] {{o}} [[Froggy]] {{o}} [[Genuine]] {{o}} [[Glassy]] {{o}} [[iNviZ]] {{o}} [[Joey Tribbiani]] {{o}} [[Morchid]] {{o}} [[Mr Kewl]] {{o}} [[Positive]] {{o}} [[Qwazz]] {{o}} [[RDCA]] {{o}} [[Richie]] {{o}} [[Robbieava]] {{o}} [[Roger Waters]] {{o}} [[Saged']] {{o}} [[Skill]] {{o}} [[Tony Stark]] {{o}} [[Vazity]] {{o}} [[VipVince]] {{o}} [[Viral Dragon]] {{o}} [[xadamxk]] {{o}} [[Xerotic]]
| group3     = [[:Category:Current Mentors|Current Mentors]]
| group4 = Current Forum Moderators
| list3     = {{#dpl:category=Current Mentors|mode=inline|inlinetext=   •  }}
| list4 = [[Judge Dredd]] {{o}} [[Tasemu]] {{o}} [[Zain]] {{o}} [[Diabolic]] {{o}} [[Riggs]] {{o}} [[sonex]] {{o}} [[Ethereal]] {{o}} [[Hуѕтєяιa X™]] {{o}} [[Grin]] {{o}} [[Dan.]] {{o}} [[Looka]] {{o}} [[Crypto™]] {{o}} [[Raptor.]] {{o}} [[Froggy]]
| group4     = [[:Category:Moderators|Current Forum Moderators]]
| group5 = Past Administrators
| list4     = {{#dpl:category=Moderators|mode=inline|inlinetext=   •  }}
| list5 = [[Crow]] {{o}} [[Judge Dredd]] {{o}} [[iBruteforce]] {{o}} [[Guru]] {{o}} [[Xch4ng3]]
| group5     = [[:Category:Past Administrators|Past Administrators]]
| group6 = Past Staff
| list5     = {{#dpl:category=Past Administrators|mode=inline|inlinetext=   •  }}
| list6 = [[Kuroda_Shun]] {{o}} [[Skittles-]] {{o}} [[Raseilord-Rika]] {{o}} [[Starwiz]] {{o}} [[bsdpunk]] {{o}} [[sangederomin]] {{o}} [[VipVince]] {{o}} [[Soldier of Fortune]] {{o}} [[Kn1ght]] {{o}} [[hacker22]] {{o}} [[Simon Parker]] {{o}} [[InfamousBytes]] {{o}} [[Vaqxine]] {{o}} [[The Rated R Superstar]] {{o}} [[Etheryte]] {{o}} [[Vorfin]] {{o}} [[kutmustakurt]] {{o}} [[phire nuk3r]] {{o}} [[Saged']] {{o}} [[Rusty_v]] {{o}} [[N3w_2_H@Ck1n™]] {{o}} [[Skill]] {{o}} [[AsSaSs@iN]] {{o}} [[Yin]] {{o}} [[Richie]] {{o}} [[III]] {{o}} [[kewlhotrod]] {{o}} [[cobija]] {{o}} [[scream_iam]] {{o}} [[S7N]] {{o}} [[T3h Hack3r]] {{o}} [[Moralitas]] {{o}} [[Kr4z1]] {{o}} [[xerotic]] {{o}} [[Mr Kewl]] {{o}} [[Genuine]] {{o}} [[Wolves]] {{o}} [[Chris]] {{o}} [[bugga]] {{o}} [[D3xus]] {{o}} [[Hexicidal]] {{o}} [[Emylbus]] {{o}} [[Viral Dragon]] {{o}} [[RDCA]]
| group6     = [[:Category:Past Staff|Past Staff]]
| group7 = Past Mentors
| list6     = {{#dpl:category=Past Staff|mode=inline|inlinetext=   •  }}
| list7 = [[-BoodyE-]] {{o}} [[bugga]] {{o}} [[cobija]] {{o}} [[Crow]] {{o}} [[Emylbus]] {{o}} [[Guru]] {{o}} [[Hexicidal]] {{o}} [[Kn1ght]] {{o}} [[Kr4z1]] {{o}} [[Judge Dredd]] {{o}} [[kutmustakurt]] {{o}} [[Moralitas]] {{o}} [[N3w_2_H@Ck1n™]] {{o}}[[Paradoxum]] {{o}} [[Rusty_v]] {{o}} [[Skorp]] {{o}} [[Soldier of Fortune]] {{o}} [[Sol Yurick]] {{o}} [[T3h Hack3r]] {{o}} [[The Rated R Superstar]] {{o}} [[Tsgh Mike]] {{o}} [[Wolves]] {{o}} [[Xch4ng3]]
| group7     = [[:Category:Past Mentors|Past Mentors]]
| group8 = Past Forum Moderators
| list7     = {{#dpl:category=Past Mentors|mode=inline|inlinetext=   •  }}
| list8 = [[Valiant]] {{o}} [[Ŀucien Lachance]] {{o}} Braco22 {{o}} [[Yin]] {{o}} [[php]] {{o}} [[ℛhynorater]] {{o}} [[T3h Hack3r]] {{o}} [[Solidify]] {{o}} [[HackRain]] {{o}} [[Joey Tribbiani]] {{o}} [[Genuine]] {{o}} [[Sol Yurick]] {{o}} [[McFlurry]] {{o}} [[D3xus]] {{o}} [[TheUnknownProgrammer]]{{o}} [[Sir | Douchebag #145]]
| group8     = [[:Category:Past Moderators|Past Forum Moderators]]
| list8     = {{#dpl:category=Past Moderators|mode=inline|inlinetext=   •  }}

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