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  • Morchid has gone rogue, scamming members and mass junking threads.
  • King of Hearts and Roger Waters have passed their probational period and are now full site staff.
  • Omniscient has decided to close all non-upgraded accounts that had been inactive for over 6 months. Upgraded accounts were closed if they had not been active for over a year. This was done to prevent scammers from purchasing accounts.
  • Omniscient has made some changes to the permissions of mentors and section moderators to further limit their power.
  • Omniscient has added some advanced security measures that you'll want to check up on. An IP change will now automatically log you out of Hack Forums.
  • Members can now embed Pastebin pastes using a new BBCode.
  • For more news and happenings, be sure to read the 276th edition of HF News!