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Status: {{{Status}}}
Founded: {{{DateFounded}}}
Owner: [[Member:{{{OwnerUID}}}|{{{Owner}}}]]





This template is to be used for official groups. Please follow the format described here.

A blank version of this can be found just below it.

| GroupName         = Full name of the group (includes any "The"s)
| GroupBanner       = Image of the group's banner (if it's animated, use the resized version). Only thing needed is the filename, not File:[...]
| GroupUserbar      = Image of the group's userbar. Only thing needed is the filename, not File:[...]
| Userbar2          = If the group has an older userbar, put the filename here.
| Userbar3          = If the group has an even older userbar, put the filename here.
| GroupDesc         = Description of the group. Use D3xus' old groups doc for old groups, and showgroups.php for current groups. Keep this short; truncate things if you have to.
| Type              = Free / Paid / Official / Moderator 
| Status            = Active / Deleted / Sold / For Sale / Converted / Executive
| DateFounded       = Date founded, if known. If not, make a guess from announcement threads on HF, recruitment threads, and "Hey, did anyone notice Group X just came?" This might be harder for older groups.
| Owner             = Solely the username of the owner of group, regardless of group being Active or Closed. Do not include formatting or linking, it will be done automatically.
| OwnerUID          = Owner's UID
| Leaders           = If the group is Closed, all leaders are Past. Otherwise, put Past Leaders here. Use {{o}} between group leaders like this: [[Member:123|Yugi]] {{o}} [[Member:456|Moto]]. If there are no current leaders (e.g. the group is closed), leave this field blank.
| PastLeaders       = Same thing as above. Any and all past leaders of the group go here. This might be hard to find, but dig around through both of D3xus' old group threads, old recruitment threads, HF News, etc. If there are no past leaders, leave this field blank.
| PreviousIteration = If the group was formerly known as something (e.g. Rhythm was formerly known as Techsperts), put the name of the group here (just the name; nothing else). If this was the "first" group, leave this field blank.
| NextIteration     = If the group is closed and is now known as something else (e.g. The Alliance is now known as Null), put the name of the group here (just the name; nothing else). If this was the "last" group, leave this field blank.
| Introduction      = Brief introduction to the group. Put the full description from recruitment/information threads here (please add a reference, though!). Put it in blockquote tags to indicate it is a quote. You should write something else in addition to the quote (please be neutral and factual; no bias).
| History           = How the group came to be, significant events, etc.
| CurrentStatus     = If the group is "Active," say something about what they're doing now. If the group is "Closed," add the reason why the group is closed. If the group is "For Sale," explain why it's being sold.

| GroupName         = 
| GroupBanner       = 
| GroupUserbar      = 
| Userbar2          = 
| Userbar3          = 
| GroupDesc         = 
| Status            = 
| DateFounded       = 
| Owner             = 
| OwnerUID          =
| Leaders           = 
| PastLeaders       = 
| PreviousIteration = 
| NextIteration     = 
| Introduction      =
| History           =
| CurrentStatus     =