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The group is currently closed.


Group History

The first appearance of the group was on the 28th of April 2011, in a thread made by The Rated R Superstar. The thread contained a ten second video with the phrase ‘Techsperts- we’re coming’. The first recruitment thread was posted on the 9th of May 2011, with many members being accepted.

The group was focused on all aspects of computer and system hardware, with members also discussing software applications and overclocking in the group. They posted high-quality tutorials, help desks and other threads, which benefited the community, as well as many giveaways.

On the 17th of April 2012, Positive posted a thread requesting a new userbar for The Techsperts. The userbar was changed later that day.

Only two months after changing the userbar, the group was sold by The Rated R Superstar to Positive for an undisclosed price, and was later changed to [[Rhythm_(Usergroup)}Rhythm]]

Goal or Manifesto

We are the Techsperts, we’re a group of knowledgeable members who are dedicated to giving back to HF in a more positive way than donating cash. If you are accepted you will find out everything we will do in the Techsperts


The group mainly used UserCP applications, but also had written applications.

All recruitment had the following requirements:

Must have at least 500 posts.

  • Must have a warning level of 0%
  • No spamming/low quality posting.
  • Above average spelling and grammar.
  • No open/unresolved scam reports.
  • A good attitude, and dedication.
  • You may have negative reputations but they will be reviewed on a case to case basis.

Group Images

Old Userbar: [File:Techsperts_old_Userbar] New userbar: [File:Techsperts_New_Userbar] Forum Icon: [File: Techsperts_Ficon]