Tɦɛ Gʀiɱ

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Tɦɛ Gʀiɱ
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Status: Active
Join Date: 08-12-2010

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The Grim joined Hack Forums back in August of 2010. He joined because he had a lot of cracked torrent/file hosting accounts that he wanted to sell. After some time spent on Google, he eventually came across Hack Forums. When he first joined, his main goal was to become reputable. The Grim is a very reputable member when it comes to the Marketplace. From currency exchanging and more, The Grim has definitely made a name for himself. Codevade, the owner of the group Marketers (now The Brotherhood), saw The Grim's potential and eventually made him a leader. The group was what gave The Grim purpose on Hack Forums. The Grim is one of the best marketers on this site and spends a lot of his time here making money on currency exchanges.


Ex-leader of the Marketers.

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

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