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| GroupDesc = Play with us.
| GroupDesc = Play with us.
| Status = Defunct
| Status = Defunct
| Parent = The Marketers
| DateFounded = 15th, July 2016  
| DateFounded = 15th, July 2016  
| Type = Paid
| Type = Paid

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Play with us.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: 15th, July 2016
Owner: Cryptic™
Leaders illuminati▲ViewsFromThe6ix
Past Leaders Remix
Previous Iteration: The Brotherhood
Next Iteration: The Brotherhood (2017)


"Synergy is a group that is primarily focused towards the gaming community. We enjoy playing games together, as well as just chilling and having fun in the sub-forum. There is always something going on in Synergy, so you will never have a dull moment."


The group was originally The Brotherhood before Cryptic™ decided on its current iteration. The group focused on the subject of gaming and has opened several sectors in the topic. Synergy hosted various gaming tournaments and competitions. Later on Cryptic™ decided on its current iteration again and Synergy was revived back as The Brotherhood

Current Status

Recruitment is closed.