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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 06-12

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Aliases: N/A


Steve found about Hack Forums through his best friend Xerotic, who was already an active and notable member of the site but at the time didn't understand much of it. Eventually Steve and Xerotic became roommates and Xerotic convinced Steve to become a member of Hack Forums. He began to spend most of his time in the Education Nation assisting members with math problems. He started to build a decent reputation on the Forums and after taking a short break, he decided to return to Hack Forums and applied for Ub3r. He managed to get Ub3r and became even more active on the site. Shortly after becoming Ub3r, Steve and Xerotic decided to work on cracking the prestige formula. Something that after 9 years of Hack Forums at the time, had still not been figured out. They eventually cracked it, and released a thread explaining the formula and the factors that are in place. After a few days, Omniscient confirmed that the formula was indeed correct. On January, 2017 after months of assisting members in various sections, Steve was finally promoted to mentor. He also joined the Hack Forums wiki team as a journalist for a brief time but decided that this position was not for him. Steve currently assists members in various sections to that best of his ability, and has realized that Hack Forums is not just a regular forum but a very solid community.

  • Current Staff Member
  • Former Mentor
  • Former member of the Hack Forums wiki team


Not available at this time.

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests