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You're well known.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 19


The Star award is given to members who are well known throughout the forum. These members tend to contribute towards the site in terms of valuable or unique content as well as other forms of assistance. Many of the forum's older members have received this award as show of thanks for their continued support and popularity. The Star award is one of the more rarer awards and is highly admired among the forum.


Award Name Reason Date Given
NateDivine Flame Because we love ya. 10-17-2008
Soldier of Fortune Everyone knows who you are. 01-31-2009
TechieJeff You're a pimp. 06-05-2009
NewKlearBoy So damn popular it hurts. 06-24-2009
Prettykitty You're awesome and everyone loves you. 11-09-2009
Vorfin You are well known and even liked. How rare is that? 12-14-2009
Ph1sh We all love you. 12-18-2009
Uchiha majordave Everyone knows you, everyone loves you. 02-23-2010
Etheryte Because we do know who are you. 02-24-2010
N3w_2_H@Ck1n™ So damn popular. 03-24-2010
ru- A popular member. 04-02-2010
Kr4z1 You've become popular with all your account gifts to members. 06-04-2010
iBruteforce Who doesn't know IBF? 06-19-2010
Crow The world needs more Crow's. 10-11-2010
nokia2mon2 Happy Birthday! And you deserve the star for becoming very popular on HF. 12-12-2010
CodeSpecter Because I think you deserve this. 01-12-2011
SkullTraill You're an oldfag. 02-07-2011
Lίght You're not only well known but well liked too. 02-28-2011
Hуѕтєяιa X™ Everyone respects you. 03-31-2011
Vitani’s Mate You're everywhere here and yes...well-known too. 03-30-2012
Positive If you don't know Positive who do you know? 05-06-2012
Christy I think with your notoriety and popularity this is a perfect award for you. 11-20-2012
Diabolic If they don't know who you are by now they aren't paying attention. 03-21-2013
Understalker Even if not for the best of reasons you're well-known here. 09-12-2014, 01:43 PM