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The default usergroup for all Hack Forums Staff members.
Type: Executive
Founded: 07/08/2007
Owner: Omniscient
All Members kawaiiVitaniwebdev77
Previous Members SkorpKing Of HeartsMinimalistKuroda_ShunSkittles- (Codine)Raseilord-RikaSashiStarwizbsdpunksangederominVipVinceSoldier of FortuneKn1ghtHistoric Moron (hacker22)Simon ParkerInfamousBytesVaqxineThe Rated R SuperstarEtheryteVorfinkutmustakurtphire nuk3rSagedRusty_vN3w_2_H@Ck1n™SkillAsSaSs@iNYinRichieIIIkewlhotrodcobijascream_iamS7NT3h Hack3rMoralitasKr4z1xeroticMr KewlGenuineWolvesChrisbuggaD3xusHexicidalEmylbusViral DragonRDCAParadoxumJudge DreddXch4ng3!!* Alone Vampire *!!Roger WatersSam Winchester


This is the user group all Staff Members are a part of. Staff members have extensive moderation abilities over the forum. This includes the ability to warn users, ban users, prevent forum spam and several other duties. Staff members are chosen by Omniscient.


The Staff group has always existed since the forum's creation. Throughout the years there have been over 50 different staff members. The members Judge Dredd, IBruteForce, Factor8™, Guru, Crow, Xerotic and Xch4ng3 were the only six staff members ever to go on to become Administrators.

Current Status

There are currently 3 members of staff which play an active role throughout the forum. Eagle 95, Vitani and Steve.